Installed Cost Of Countertop

The cost of the stone slabs, fabrication, transportation, and installation:


  • Cost range: $35-$60 per sq. ft. (market price: $50 to $90 per sq. ft.)
  • Average cost: $45 per sq. ft. (market average price: $68 per sq. ft.)

Made from one of Earth’s most resilient stones, quartz countertops are available in many shades and designs. They are extremely resistant to heat, scratches and stains.


  • Cost range: $29 – $75 per sq. ft. (market price: $40 to $100 per sq. ft.)
  • Average cost: $40 per sq. ft. (market price:$58 per sq. ft.)
  • Elegant and durable, granite countertops are a timeless classic that add a unique pattern to any kitchen. When properly sealed, these countertops stand up to heat, scratches and stains.

 Countertop Edges 

  • Cost range: Up to $20 per linear foot.
  • Average cost: Standard eased edge: FREE (market price: $5 per linear foot)

 Countertop Corner Treatments

  • Cost range: Free – $50 (Market Price: $55 to $135 each)
  • Average cost: Most corners: Free (Market Price: $60 each)

If you’re not selecting a straight 90-degree corner, countertop corners can be customized by radius to appear more curved. A ¼-inch radius has a slight curve, while a 1-inch radius corner features significant rounding.


Additional Considerations

 Sinks and Installation

  • The cost of a sink and its installation depends on the sink’s size, its shape and the number of bowls. A new undermount sink will cost around $100 (market price: $260), and the cutout and installation labor will cost roughly $200 (market price: $240).
  • These prices will vary depending on the type of sink you choose.

Basic Plumbing Disconnect and Reconnect

  • Average Cost: Disconnect included in the removal (market price: $450). We do not connect the plumbing and faucet.
  • During the installation of a new countertop, your sink plumbing will need to be disconnected and then reconnected upon the project’s completion.

Countertop Removal and Haul Away

  • Cost range: $5 – $7 per sq. ft. (Market price: $8 to $13 per sq. ft.)
  • Average cost: $6 (Market price: $9 per sq. ft.)
  • To install a new countertop, the existing countertop needs to be removed and hauled away.

Cooktop Cutout

  • Average cost: $80 (market price: $120 per cutout)
  • Modern cooktops often replace traditional, standalone stoves. To install a cooktop in your countertop, your fabricator needs to create a cutout in your countertop. This cutout size depends on the cooktop you choose.

Electrical Outlet Cutouts

  • Average cost: $15 (Market price: $25) per cutout.
  • Homeowners will often have outlets in their backsplash, where it makes it easy to use small kitchen appliances. The countertop must be cut to accommodate these types of outlets.

Faucet Cutouts

  • Average cost: Free with countertop purchase (Market price: $20 per cutout)
  • Faucet cutouts are holes that are drilled in the countertop to install the sink’s faucet, soap dispenser, and/or insta-hot appliance. These holes typically measure 1 3/8- 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The distance and number of holes varies according to the faucet you’ve chosen.
  • A centerset faucet is a single device where the three holes are spaced closely together. In a widespread faucet, the two handles and faucet operate as separate units and are usually installed further apart from one another. Notify your installer of which faucet you’ve chosen before the project begins.


  • Average cost: varies
  • A backsplash is typically a 4-inch extension of the countertop, which helps protect the back wall from cooking splatters and stains. If you require additional protection, a separate backsplash can be designed with easy-to-clean materials like ceramic or glass tiles.

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