Bianco Typhoon


When you buy a slab of granite, you bring a piece of history home. Granite stones are naturally beautiful because they are designed by none other than the nature itself. Because no two natural stones slabs are alike, it grants exclusivity and uniqueness to every surface where it is adorned. Use it for Your kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanity tops, flooring, wall cladding, staircases or designer terraces. Granite is ever beautiful!
Granite is known to be used for art and architecture for centuries now. A host of magnificent monuments around the world stand as testimony of the beauty of granite stones. Bianco Typhoon has an amazing three-dimensional appearance. The presence of mica in its structure gives it a unique sparkling reflection. Quarried in north of India, its an ideal choice for modern and contemporary homes.


Best suited for

Countertops, Wall cladding, Backsplashes




Polished, Leathered


2cm and 3cm and custom thickness



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