Granite and Cabinet Works Servicing Near Grayslake IL

Granite & Cabinet Works offers the best in providing granite and quartz countertops and high-quality kitchen cabinets for business and homeowners in the Grayslake IL area. Whether you are engaging in new construction or a remodeling effort, we are the company that provides the best in design and installation services for your new countertops or cabinets.
You can select from the natural granite slabs from MSI Surfaces which is in Elk Grove Village. This is where our granite countertops originate. And from this durable, high-quality material, we can create countertops that meet your needs while exceeding your expectations in terms of quality, durability, and inherent beauty.
Our Prices
You may think that granite countertops are expensive, but at Granite & Cabinet Works we ensure that what you receive is priced at a fair, competitive rate and based on the following items.

  • Pattern
  • Quality
  • Thickness
  • Kitchen Layout
  • Size

We create custom kitchen countertops from granite, one of the hardest natural substances. This means that your countertops will last a very long time with minimal maintenance. Holding up to the high temperatures, humidity, and impacts that commonly damage lesser materials. Our countertops represent an exceptional value for today and the may tomorrows to come.
Grayslake IL
Located near the heart of Chicago’s metropolitan area, Grayslake has been an incorporated community since 1895. With over 20,000 residents, this community is one of the fastest growing in the city thanks to new retail development. With so many changes happening today, both business and homeowners are looking for the best in construction and remodeling services to meet the needs of tomorrow.
At Granite & Cabinet Works, we have been serving communities like Grayslake for over a decade, providing the best in countertops and cabinets for homes and offices that are newly built or remodeled. Our combination of trained, experienced technicians, exceptional materials, and a dedication to serving our customers has helped make us one of the most trusted in our field.
Why Choose Our Services?
When you call, our friendly, courteous staff will answer your questions, provide information about our services, and offer a free estimate based on your needs. If you accept, we will start to work designing the countertops or cabinets to meet your needs. Using the finest materials in granite and quartz for countertops and resilient, beautiful hardwoods for cabinets, our professionals go to work for you
For over a decade, the professionals at Granite & Cabinet Works have been serving residents of Grayslake IL and the surrounding communities. We have built our reputation on providing the best in materials, service, and price. But we understand that our reputation is only as good as the last customer we serve.
Call today and find out more about our services to you. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your old one, we are here to provide beautiful, high-quality granite countertops and kitchen cabinets that will meet your needs for today and continue to serve your needs for tomorrow.